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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - Poland - 2

Mr G is a very young-looking, experienced German lawyer, leading a very prosperous consulting firm. Over the past several years the company has grown and at present employs more than 2200 workers, including about 30 people in Poland. Mr G does not live permanently in Poland, because his close family lives in Germany. Due to the fact that he is a manager of several branch offices around the word, he is constantly on the road. He arrived in Poland because it was supposed to be a starting point for further conquest of the market in Central and Eastern Europe.

At present Mr G’s company specializes in consulting services in the field of OHC (Occupation, Health and Safety). This area of knowledge is particularly important in international companies implementing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. These companies created the demand for the type of services provided by Mr G’s company; requiring the implementation of OHS practices by their suppliers. Services offered by Mr G in the field of OHS are based on the best practices developed in Western European countries.The Polish market is very receptive to Mr G’s services and professional knowledge because of negligence in previous implementation of OHS standards across much of Poland. 

Mr G had no major problems with setting up his business in Poland. Business collaborators from other countries were very helpful in this matter. Friendly French companies, which had already benefited from services offered by Mr G, were most helpful when he wanted to establish a Polish branch of his business. So far, Mr G has decided not to apply for grants to conduct business or other assistance programs to expand his facility. He believes Poland is a very attractive place for investment, mostly because of the growing economy, increasing level of business innovations and openness to new business concepts, like OHS, which is necessary to cooperate with blue chip companies. For these reasons, Mr G intends to expand his business to other Eastern Europe countries. 

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