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The Creative Entrepreneur - Poland - 1

Mr A and his company are a clear example that sometimes, to start your own successful business, one could use something more than just the necessary knowledge and assets. His entrepreneurship is a story of pure coincidence and a great amount of love.

A couple of years ago Mr A was a young and very skilled graphic designer in Germany. At that time he was already thinking about starting his very own company; not necessarily in his country of birth but anywhere in the world. Being born and raised in Munich and having a wealthy family gave him a strong start. There, by sheer luck, he met his future wife, who happened to be a Pole by birth, traveling through Germany. Mr A claims that they fell in love at first sight. Without any hesitation he decided to pack up and follow her back to Poland. Due to the fact that his design services could be done via the internet it made no difference for him where his business was based. Mr A and his, by that time, fiancé chose to start their new life in Lodz.

At first everything went quite smoothly. They managed to get a suitable flat and made a lot of friends. Stefan remembers that the first problems arose when he wanted to register his business. Being able to speak German and fluent English, but not Polish, he could not communicate with the government office workers. He spent an enormous amount of time going from one office to another, being sent back all the time. Mr A was absolutely positive that if it were not for his wife’s (they got married soon after arrived in Poland) efforts there would be no way he could have started his business on his own. He was deeply shocked by the amount of paperwork that needed to be done and the impossibility of completing these by phone or e-mail. Eventually everything worked out and his company could be started; it is situated in a tenement house. The rented flat is full of high-tech equipment such as notebooks, workstations, tablets and projectors. The atmosphere there is very friendly and makes one feel at home.

His services are aimed primarily at large enterprises. The company deals with designing buildings and advanced computer graphics used, for example in advertising. Stefan says that he does not get a lot of orders from Polish companies, mostly because his services are quite expensive and he cannot afford to use his time on small orders. Mr A’s company is doing very well. He is able to provide for his wife and two children and still develop his business.

Mr A considers Poland as a unique and extremely friendly country – all except the government offices here. He claims that all the necessary procedures and paperwork for starting and conducting business in Poland are very time-consuming. Mr A even mentioned that he has been looked down upon due to his German nationality. All in all, he is very grateful that he was lucky enough to find the love of his life and start a completely new life in a country he is very fond of. 

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