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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - Greece -2

Mrs L was born in Austria. She studied science teaching and worked as a teacher for a few years in Vienna. Later on she married a Greek and this is the main reason she moved to Thessaloniki, back in 1988. When she first came to Greece, she was 25 years old and very interested in language and culture. Thus shortly after her arrival Mrs L studied Greek for two years at a university in order to better communicate with locals.

Before coming to Greece, Mrs L never imagined herself as an entrepreneur, even though her siblings run their own companies in Austria. Nevertheless her husband prompted her to start up their business and suggested that she took the lead. He was already involved in a construction-related family business and knew the local market for construction materials and equipment very well. Eventually, Mrs L and her husband started their own business based on eco-friendly construction materials and energy systems.

At the beginning Mrs L had to cope with a lot of bureaucracy and prejudice - being a woman in an otherwise ‘male’ business. However, she gradually overcome these obstacles and became a successful entrepreneur. Together with her husband, they have run their business for ten years, developed a good reputation and are much respected and trusted by their clients. They have established collaborations with merchants from other cities in Northern Greece. What led them to develop their own business was an obvious gap in the market for eco-friendly construction materials and energy systems. In the process, clients’ preference for eco-friendly materials made Mrs L and her husband understand that their business start-up was a wise choice and with very good prospects.

Mrs L thinks that Greece has much potential for development, especially in relation to the natural environment and products. She would suggest immigrant entrepreneurs wishing to start up their own business in Greece need to hold significant financial capital and learn the language fluently. This will help them adapt more easily to the local culture, and communicate more effectively with their clients. Also having an innovative idea is likely to lead to success if accompanied by hard work and commitment.  

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